Monday, August 5, 2013

Preparing to eFile in Orange County?

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The Orange County Courts’ eFiling mandate is in full swing and if your office hasn’t eFiled yet, here are some tips to help you prepare.
Most of the court’s approved eFiling Service Providers, or EFSP’s, offer web-based systems for customers to submit their eFiling orders to the court.  Since these systems are online, the computer requirements are satisfied with typical office workstations (see requirements below).  Additionally, there are no special setup or software installations required.    

Operating System and Web Browser Requirements: Most web-based systems are supported by current versions of the Windows operating system using Internet Explorer 8 and above.

Internet Connection Requirements: High-speed connection is recommended.

Minimum Screen Resolution: For best results, a resolution setting of 1024 x 768 or greater is recommended.

With eFiling, a messenger no longer needs to pick up your documents and transport them to the court. Rather, you simply upload your documents into your eFiling vendor’s online system.  Documents can typically be uploaded as a PDF, Word or other file type depending on the vendor.  Rapid Legal’s eFiling portal allows customers to upload their documents in PDF, MS Word, WordPerfect and TIF file formats. 
One key difference between traditional paper filing and electronic filing is that the eFiling vendor never touches your documents.  Once you upload your documents and submit your order, it goes directly to the court to be Accepted, Partially Accepted or Rejected by the Court Clerk.  Rapid Legal sends its customer’s regular status updates via email until the order is completed whereby once the conformed copy is received, the customer can obtain it by logging into their Rapid Legal account. 

Still have questions about eFiling?  You can check out Orange County’s FAQs or Rapid Legal’s FAQs for more information.

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