Monday, August 13, 2012

As a Process Server, How Valuable is Customer Loyalty?

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Whether you’re an independent process server or an owner of an attorney services company, to be profitable and stay in business you need customers.  Although finding and attracting new customers is important to the growth of your business, it’s your repeat customers that will allow your business to grow long term.

Most marketing specialists agree it's far less expensive to keep a good customer than to attract a new one; it's estimated that it costs up to 10 times more to acquire a customer than to retain one. So it's worth your while to spend more of your time and money figuring out how to keep your current customers loyal to you. Some ways to accomplish this goal;

• Be Reliable:  Reliability arises from consistent follow-through and execution. 
• Communicate with them. Update them as quickly as possible on job statues and don’t forget to thank them for their business.
• Hire the right people their your best customer service.Select employees based on emotional intelligence, not just skills. Upbeat personalities and good attitudes can be heard over the phone.
• Make Things Easier: Look for things you are doing that give customers difficulty and solve them.  Continuously simplify your process for the customer.
• Don’t stress price. Studies show that customers who are interested only in price will not have loyalty to the business. Customers become loyal based on service and the overall relationship they obtain from your business.

As you continue to build your customers trust, the opportunity to sell your other services is greatly enhanced and your bottom line can be significantly improved. 

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