Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Don’t Send That Job Order Just Yet: A Paralegal’s Mistake

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It’s never a good idea to assume that all process servers and attorney service companies are exactly alike.  This mistake can result in delayed service, misunderstandings, or worse a legal document that is not attempted.

Sending a legal document for service, along with a check and a note, directly to a server without first contacting them usually results in some type of confusion and delay. Many companies have systems in place that cater more to their long term customers rather than to customers who place orders occasionally. 

Before sending out work to a process server, you should verify what requirements they have for creating an account, placing work orders, or if they accept prepayments. Some attorney service companies have implemented specific requirements before you can place your initial order with them to ensure that there is a clear understanding between you the customer and them the service provider. It allows them to provide; more consistent services for all customers in all areas of service; better customer service, and when changes are made to stay efficient they are done for everyone.

Some servers have prices that are based on when the first attempt will be made while others have set prices, some charge per attempt while others charge for unlimited attempts.You need to be aware of any ancillary charges such as declaration of mailings, filing of proof of service, or if you need to have your proof of service notarized all these items can potentially increase the cost of a serve.

Remember that business and technology is always evolving. Before you send out your next job order to a process server, take the time to know a little bit about their procedures. It will help you in the long run.

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