Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Mistake to Avoid When Hiring Your Next Process Server

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Choosing a process server based on price can be a mistake that can potentially cost more in the long run.  As law firms look to cut costs for their customers, process servers are sometimes chosen based on the price of their service and not necessarily their ability to complete the job correctly. 

An Unlawful or Invalid service can have a serious consequence on your case if your service is done incorrectly or improperly, resulting in more costs for your clients and costing your firm your reputation.

Any time legal documents are involved; there are many legal rules and procedures that must be followed to ensure that the person being served receives actual notice of the legal documents both timely and lawfully. Hiring a competent Professional Process Server can help prevent violating a person’s due process rights or making the service invalid and being quashed (null and void), subsequently jeopardizing your service or the your case entirely.

All this can result in having to re-hire another process server, spend additional time in re-submitting the legal documents, and costing your firm your reputation.  When hiring a process server, take into consideration their experience, their reputation, and their ability to complete the serve.  You’ll find that in certain situations, you truly get what you pay for.

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