Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thinking of Attending the NAPPS Convention?

As an Independent Process Server or an owner of an Attorney Service Company you may often be faced either with your own need to attend a professional conference such as this year’s NAPPS convention held on April 26th through the 28th in Boston or requests by your staff members to attend one.  Professional conferences can be expensive but also rewarding for your professional and business growth.   The benefits from attending a conference is difficult to measure but many experts agree that the top benefit is networking value.  There is nowhere else that you can find so many industry contacts facing the same issues as you are facing. If the cost of attending the conference is weighing in your mind, focus instead on what you will specifically bring back to your business as payback for the investment.

Some of the specific details you’ll need to identify should include:
Session content. What sessions have particular relevance to your business?             

     Specifically identify:

ü  New codes and rules to know

ü  Technologies

ü  Procedures

Vendor contacts. Will the conference showcase vendors with tools that can assist you for potential future use?
Best practices. Will there be training sessions in areas that will immediately benefit your company?

Training. Will there be workshops designed to teach attendees a special skill and/or help your company overcome current or future challenges?
If you have never attended a NAPPS conference, give it a try if at all possible. You might discover ways to grow professionally. Perhaps you will return to your company with a renewed spirit. And, who knows, you may find that you simply enjoy it.

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