Monday, April 23, 2012

Importance of Good Judgment in Process Serving

Photo by: Danilo Rizzuti
Good judgment is one of the most important traits of a process server. Good judgment is the innate ability that allows a process server to interpret a subject’s behavior and manner that may very well determine the tone of the serve and even the eventual outcome.    
Judgment has always been an important factor for a successful completion of a serve and many of these judgments require so little thought that they are almost automatic. Here are some qualities that can help to make good judgments during a service of process.

1.      Patience - Having patience means remaining calm even under pressure or dealing with a difficult person or situation.  

2.      Knowledge- Having knowledge of the rules can prevent violating a person’s due process rights or making the service invalid and being quashed (null and void), subsequently jeopardizing a service or the case entirely.

3.      Prepared – The more you know about the type of documents you are serving and the situation involved in the serve, the more focused you will be.

4.      Critical thinking- In serving legal documents, being one step ahead of the subject can mean the difference of completing the service of process quickly or having to keep coming back.

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