Monday, March 26, 2012

Service of Process in Unconventional Locations

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There are several ways to serve legal papers on a person but a lot of it depends on knowing where the defendant is located. In certain instances, your subject may be willing to accept service away from their residence or business or your client does not have a permanent address for them, but has other information of where a defendant may be at a certain place and time. .

Service of process does not require a subject to be served at a residence or place of employment.

If a subject is served at a non-traditional location (for example at a local eatery, a parking lot, concert, etc.), it is possible to do so as long as the affidavit of service notates the actual address of where the service was made. However, some states prohibit service of process at certain locations such as a person attending church service, anywhere on church property, or within 500 feet of the property while the person is going to or returning from a church service. Always check with your state and local rules.

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