Monday, March 5, 2012

What Causes Court Filing Delays

For many legal professionals, preparing legal documents for court filing can be frustrating and time consuming. In a rush to meet cut off times to Attorney Service companies and get the documents filed timely, making errors is common. These errors can cause your filing to be delayed or rejected and possibly jeopardize your case entirely. Here are some common mistakes that legal professional make when rushing to get a document submitted for filing.
Missing Signatures by Attorney or Secretary - Forgetting to sign and date the documents is the most common mistake. Before submitting the legal papers, always verify that the documents have been signed on both the pleading and the declaration of mailing.

Filing in the Wrong Jurisdiction- Entering the wrong jurisdiction is another reason for a delay in filing your documents. Remember that each county can sometimes have several different courts within that county. Attorney Service companies are going to attempt to file where the customers are instructing them to file.

Missing or Wrong Documents - Submitting the wrong or an older version of a document is yet another common reason for court filing delays. Double check all of your documents to ensure that you have all the required documents and that they are the most recent version as required by the court.

Missing or Wrong Court Filing Fee- Recent changes to the courts have also brought about recent changes in fees. Before submitting you’re your documents for filing and attaching your court filing fees, you should make sure the fees are correct or that you have an arrangement with your attorney service to advance your filing fees on your behalf. Many Attorney Service companies will advance your filing fees for a set charge, but you should make sure you have that arrangement with them ahead of time and you know what the administration or advance fee will be.

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