Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Using Online Attorney Services to File Legal Documents

Photo by: Renjith Krishnan
Most lawyers, legal secretaries and paralegals would agree that the Internet has not only simplified their jobs, but has made their practice more efficient. Many law firms who have used attorney services companies to file their legal document, via the internet, are seeing first-hand how technology is changing the industry for the better.

  • Saves time
Typically, preparing the documents for pick up can include making the appropriate number of copies, hole punching, exhibit tabs, and preparing filing instructions, commonly known as a “buck slip”. Placing your orders online will reduce these tasks freeing you to work on other pressing matters.

  • It is convenient
Placing job orders online is easy. Companies like Rapid Legal, Inc. (www.rapidlegal.com) provide customers with drop down menus for quick selections and easy to follow instructions to walk you through the process. Choose the county and jurisdiction of where you want your documents to be filed and upload your documents to complete your job order. The whole procedure will take 5 to 10 minutes.

If you have any urgent requirement or special instructions, you can call up the company to talk to a live person.

  • Lessens the “Time Crunch”
Most legal professionals have time constraints and deadlines that need to be met. Traditional services require the legal documents to be picked up by a “runner” from your office usually in the morning. Online attorney services companies have later deadlines, relieving you from time crunches to allow you additional time to double check your documents.

  • It saves money

The money saved from printing costs such as paper, ink, exhibit tabs, and postage can go towards saving you and your customers unnecessary costs.

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