Thursday, September 1, 2011


All CALSPro members should be aware that today Governor Brown signed into law AB 110 (Blumenfield), relating to the courts. Much of the bill is technical, but of note for CALSPro members is
an amendment to Government Code Section 68926 on filing fees.

The applicable change imposes, for the first time, a filing fee of $325 on respondents in state appellate and Supreme Court cases. In particular, the fee is imposed on first paper filings other than by appellants (who already pay a first paper fee) at the appellate and Supreme Court levels, and on first paper filings other than by petitioners in writ proceedings before the appellate and Supreme Court levels.

As a budget trailer bill, the change is effective immediately today, although it may take courts a few days to implement.

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2011 in Reno – visit for details and to register.

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