Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Don’t Rely on Memory, Rely on Good Notes Instead

Photo by Savit Keawtavee
Taking notes is a great way of helping you identify key facts regarding a service of process. Most of the time a service is not questioned, but when it is, it’s usually months after the service was completed. Even if you have a great memory, memory of the facts may be incomplete unless you have a permanent record for your reference.

You should also make a habit of recording your notes at the time of the attempt or service and not waiting till the end of the day to make you’re notes. As soon as it is safe to do so, take a minute or two to record what happened or what you observed while making the attempt or service. This will eliminate any lack or incorrect recollection of the facts that you might have that can come back and haunt you regarding your proper service.

Always include in your notes:

  1. Date and Time of all attempts (with report of attempt)
  2. Description of the premises and surroundings
  3. Notation that you spoke to a neighbor or not; if so, what they said?
  4. A description and license plates of any vehicles, cars, motorcycles, etc. in the driveway
  5. A description of the person being served

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