Thursday, December 29, 2011

Changes for Attorney Services When Filing at the S.F. Superior Court

Photo by: Stuart Miles
The reduction of staff and clerks’ hours have drastically affected many attorney services companies that file at the San Francisco Superior Court, one of the busiest and hardest hit courthouses of the California Judicial Budget cuts. Attorney Services and their court runners who typically file for several different law firms and individuals (pro se) have been forced to change their cut off times (The time a customer must place a job order through the Attorney Services Company to be filed that day) to meet with the longer lines and changes.

According to Katherine Feinstein, the Superior Court’s presiding judge, reduced office hours for court clerks will make filing and obtaining information more difficult. Feinstein warned of long hours waiting in line… and months to get a copy of a criminal or civil court record. ¹

One of the significant changes is the limit of 5 documents to file at the clerks window. If the runner has more than 5 documents to file with the clerk, they are now required to go to the end of the line to file another 5 documents and so forth.

The other very significant change is that drop boxes are no longer available. So at 4:00pm, a deputy sheriff will escort everyone out of the clerk’s office who is not at the clerk’s window. All of the documents will have to wait until the following business day to be filed.

Burack,aJ. (2011, July 19) The San Francisco Examiner: San Francisco court budget cuts will delay divorces.

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